Dawson’s surprise

Short stories by me I would show you the picture of our already made pancakes, but I’d rather give you the story version. So I decided to make Dawson these tiny little pancakes about five to be exact 👌🏻an.. the story begins After finishing up the five pancakes something genius popped in my head. I … More Dawson’s surprise

Words of Association

When we understand forgiveness, we begin to understand all these characteristics of God as well. Love, Mercy, & Grace. Start praying that the Lord will open your heart to accepting His forgiveness towards you so that you can also go and forgive others and yourself, displaying the love of Christ that He offers you. forgive … More Words of Association

Building up Spiritual Moms & Dads- Elevate this dark world

I had asked Jesus to see me through the dark fields of despair, depression, and I made it only because I’m better than I was because I chose & still choosing to follow Jesus. So I made it!!! I never could of made it without him. I asked for this great commission. My very prayers … More Building up Spiritual Moms & Dads- Elevate this dark world